Curt Schurgers

Frank Cardone
Electronics Design Engineer

Isaiah Freerksen
Mechanical Design Engineer

Justyn Bell

Photo of Curt Schurgers

Curt Schurgers

Curt Schurgers oversees the prototyping lab, in addition to managing the wireless and circuits functional areas in QI. He also is a co-director of the Engineers for Exploration program at UCSD, and heads a research group in underwater systems.

Photo of Frank Cardone

Frank Cardone

Frank has recently joined UCSD after working in industry for 25 years. He has been designing custom, handheld, battery operated data acquisition systems for industry for 20 years. Examples include nuclear instruments using photomultipliers and photo-diodes, switching power supplies and embedded systems for tracking and information gathering. Frank's personal interests are cycling, hiking and swimming.

Photo of Isaiah Freerksen

Isaiah Freerksen

Isaiah joined the prototyping lab in April 2014. He is an Alumni of UCSD and his last position was as a development engineer in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department -- before this, he was working in industry. His focus is in machine design and fabrication. When not at the Prototyping lab Isaiah enjoys spending time with his family and doing anything that gets him outdoors.

Photo of Justyn Bell

Justyn Bell

Justyn Bell is a software developer for QI specializing in embedded *nix systems and software defined radio. His projects have taken him through a breadth of platforms and devices ranging from FPGAs and embedded wireless systems to web based applications. He is also a lab technician who helps support the software defined radio ECE191 projects and is available for setting up and maintaining group servers.

Photo of Dominique Meyer

Dominique Meyer

Dominique is a freshman at UCSD, in the Physics department and interns here at the lab. He is knowledgeable at optimizing components or structures, and making them given the resources available. The material he is most comfortable with is wood, as he has been working with it for many years. He is comfortable operating the mills, laser cutter and 3D printers of the lab and will be happy to help you with whatever you bring to be done.

His personal passions include the construction and flying of drones (multirotors, and planes); as well as the climbing of mountains in the outdoors. He is also a member of E4E and CISA 3.

Photo of Dimitri Schreiber

Dimitri Schreiber

Dimitri is an undergraduate electrical engineering student here at UCSD. Dimitri is interested in power electronics, control systems, and machine design. In his freetime he enjoys machining and working on projects, flying RC planes, and hanging out with friends.