Q: Can I use your 3D printers for my own designs?
A: Yes. You can email us your design files, and we will send back a cost estimate based on printing time and setup overhead (details and for payment methods). There is also the option of running your own print jobs yourself, after appropriate training; please contact us directly if you are interested in this option.
Q: Do you provide lab space for student groups?
A: Lab space is meant for collaborators who work with on our engineers/programmers on a joint project. However, we occasionally accommodate student groups if the work fits in with the mission of the prototyping lab. Please email the lab manager if you want to explore this option.
Q: Do you offer PCB fabrication?
A: We are highly experienced in PCB design and testing. For the actual fabrication, we have a set of providers we regularly use that offer competitive pricing and short lead times, even for small orders. We use PCB design software such as Altium Designer or Eagle, and have an integrated path towards SolidWorks to tightly couple the electronic and mechanical designs.
Q: Do you have design software we can use?
A: If you work with us in our space as part of a collaborative project, we can provide you with design software licenses.
Q: Our lab is working with an external collaborator on a joint project. Are they considered internal or external users?
A: An external entity would sign a service agreement with Calit2, at which time an index is created that can be used for the recharge. In this case, we need to use the external rate. An internal entity would have funding coming in from a funding agency or donation, which is put into an index. This mechanism indicates an internal rate can be used. The case of joint projects or collaborations is basically an extension of this. If the collaborator and UCSD jointly applied for extramural funding, only the work done (and paid for) by UCSD would use the internal rate. The collaborator, if they wanted to use the facilities, would still need to go through the service agreement (and thus external rate).