Supporting Hands-On Student Experiences

We strongly believe that learning-by-doing is an essential part in the academic journey as an engineer. Hands-on design and system building are becoming increasingly important in a variety of disciplines, within and even outside of the core engineering fields. With rapid prototyping technologies advancing at a rapid pace, having gone through a system design is an invaluable experience. And, what's more, it's also fun.

Donate Now

But we need your help. Some students will need access to advice from experienced designers. We have this experience in our lab, but as a facility whose only income is through selling our services, we are limited in the time we can dedicate to this. If you donate, that money will be utilized in its entirety to support student access to the prototyping lab and give them the opportunity of hands-on learning. Specifically, we will use it to create Student Support Grants enabling access to our facility. Blocks of time of our design engineers will be set aside to help and advise the students. Your help is much appreciated. Don't forget to check out our ongoing success stories.

To apply for a Student Support grant send an email to the prototyping lab (see contact info). Please detail

The prototyping lab is one of the resources we at the Qualcomm Institute are making available to UCSD students to explore the frontiers of hands-on design experiences in embedded systems. We work in concert with another resource, the Design Studio, which is geared towards more introductory experiences and the interface between electronics, design and crafts.

Photo of drone project    Photo of 3-D printouts